Rules for Playing the UK49s

x7Below is a compilation of rules from the UK49s lotto game and betting industry, which are present in many betting shops. But, some bookmakers’ rules are different. Therefore, it is advisable for you to find out from your betting shop before you bet. 

Common UK49s Rules

  1. The optimal payout to a syndicate/group or one customer who are acting together and have supported similar combination of selections such as bets from similar source is shown in the shop where the bet took place on any 49s draw.
  1. On the draw for 49s, bets are accepted up to the certified start time aired on SIS.
  1. When a named or timed draw is chosen but the bet is acknowledged after the draw on the corresponding day has occurred (if any), single bets are going to be settled on the initial draw that occurred following the acceptance of the bet. The name of the draw or time it was chosen on the slip does not matter.
  1. If more than a single draw is chosen, the bet shall be settled on the following actual timed/named successive draws that occurred after the acceptance of the bet.
  1. If an incorrect draw is specified or if there is no draw, the bet will be included in the following consecutive draws that took place after acceptance of the bet.
  1. If the draw fails to take place because of one reason or another, bets will be available for the following 49s draw unless withdrawn by mutual consent.
  1. Bets for 49s can be placed on regular betting slips.
  1. All bets shall be considered to be included on ‘6 Number Draw’ unless otherwise specified.
  1. Bets for 49s are not eligible for bonuses or consolations if they are included in a specials range, for instance, ‘Lucky 15s.’ Where the overall numbers selected are more than 5 on one bet, it is going to be settled as a range of ‘5 correct’ bets with the bet allocated.
  1. Multiple bets on one draw for 49s are acknowledged also. It is not possible to combine 49s bets with another betting event. Also, no draws (two or more) can be combined in growing bets.  Numbers that are illegible will be regarded as invalid and the  bet decreased accordingly.
  1. Odds will be applicable for just the acceptable numbers. For instance, if a bet on the section for ‘3 numbers correct’ has two  figures and a cancelled figure, the bet shall be settled on the  odds that apply to the section of ‘2 numbers correct.’




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